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Super Mario Run Apk For Android/Ios [Free Download Update-2017]

Free Download Super Mario Run Apk Update 2017

Super Mario Run: Most popular and famous game Super Mario now comes for Android and Ios devices. Yes, the most viral game for PC comes for Android and ios device. As we know this game is amazing and we love it to play always, Now Nintendo Co. Release it's for android and ios device. You can play this game with one hand. This game has three modes world tour, Toad rally and third is Kingdom Builder. But if you download this game Officially then you can not get these all mode. And you need to pay $9.99. But don't worry here we are going to share the Free-latest and a full version of Super Mario Run Apk. And Also check Mini Militia Game mod hack updated version. And if you don't see the Super Mario Run GamePlay video on YouTube then first check out this. Here we give you YouTube Gameplay video, which shows this graphics and also realize you why this game is most popular,

If you don't know anything about this game modes then don't worry here we are going to explain you in detail about it's all modes one by one. But before starting we here list it's some amazing feature and also give you download link for Super Mario Run Apk Free. So read the below listed feature before start the downloading. At the end of the article, we also give you video tutorial for how to play Super Mario Run Game.


Features Of Super Mario Run Apk:

High-Quality Graphics.
One Hand Play Control.
Three amazing Modes.
Easy to play.

The most Popular features that are added in this game is One Hand Play. This Feature is superb and it makes it easy to play. With the help of this Feature, you can play Super Mario Run game with one hand only. If you want to get a full version of this game then you need to pay for it. But here we provide you Free Super Mario Run Apk

This game has 3 modes and now here we are going to explain you about these modes in detail. So you can understand these game and play it very well.

  1. World Tour.
  2. Toad Rally.
  3. Kingdom Builder.
World Tour: I think you familiar with this mode. Because this mode feature is same as Super Mario Game For PC Version. In this Mod you have to save your princess from the Bowser (Game-villain), clutches and also you have to travel through a castle, planes, some big buildings. And You need to pass all 24 courses locates within 6 worlds. This world tour mode has amazing and I think you like it to play if you try this.

Toad Rally: If you like challenger then this mode is best for you. Because this mode is based on challenges. Yes, you can challenge your friends or anyone in the world. If you win the challenge then you get coins as well as cheered by a crowd of toads. And if you win the rally then cheering Toad will come to your kingdom for living and it will grow your kingdom. 

Kingdom Builder: This mode is based on the last explain two modes. Because if you need to develop your kingdom then you need a coin, So if you want to get more coins then you need play world tour and Toad rally. And also if you want to get more toads to grow your kingdom then you need to with the rally. Because if you win the rally then you get cheering toads and coins which help you to grow and develop your kingdom.

Now If you want to download the Super Mario Run Apk file then here below we provide you a direct download link. Safe link of Super Mario Run For Android and Super Mario Run for Ios device given below. So scroll down and start your download and enjoy your most favorite game.

Super Mario Run For Android

Super Mario Run For Ios

The main disadvantage of playing this game is that it will reduce your device battery more because of High-Quality graphics. But you need not worry for that because while you are excited to play this game on your device then you need to sacrifice for that.

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As we say in the starting of this article, Now here we are going to give you video tutorial for this gameplay. Check out this video gameplay from on of the most popular channel on YouTube. This channel is also uploaded many other games video. And I really like this channel videos. So check out this gameplay video of Super Mario Run Game.

Final Word:

If you like this article about Super Mario Run Apk then please share it with your friends. And also if you have any type of query related to this game then drop comment box here. We will give an answer to your query as much as fast possible. And if you have any type of suggestion for us then also say us freely because your suggestion is also important for us to improve our self and provide you better next time. Thank You!

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Mini Militia Hack Mod Pro Pack Apk Unlimited Health, Nitro, Gas +one shot kill

Download Mini Militia Hack Mod Pro Pack Apk With One Shot Kill Latest 2017

I think You notice that Whenever you play this game some player are stay alive even though you attack them Right! Yes, It is possible because that player uses the Mini Militia Game Hack Mod Pro Pack  Application. First of all, We clarified that it is not an official game. It is just developed for the education purpose. There are several Mods of this Game are available here. So go below and download it and prank your friend.

Mini Militia Game Intro:

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Game Hack Mod Apk: Mini Militia is one of the most popular game in today's time and especially in teenagers. It is also known as Doodle Army. Mini Militia is a multiplayer game that can be played online as well as offline. Yes, you can also play this game offline using Multiplayer option. In multiplayer game option, you can play this game with 6 players.

Mini Militia Game Mods:

Now, we are going to tell you all thing about Mini Militia Game Hack Mod Apk. As you know Mod of any application has an extra feature as per their official application. Here We are going to list the extra features that are not available in the official game. After reading this features you can Download Mini Militia Game Mod Hack Pro Pack Apk with Unlimited Health, Unlimited Nitro, Unlimited Ammo with One shot kill(High damage bullets) features from this article as per your choice.

There are many fake mods of this game are available on many sites. But don't worry now here we are going to share the latest and updated version of Mini Militia Game Mod apk. This game has many mods and each mod has different features as per the, their version of the game. Now, first of all, we are going to list out all mod of this game, then we will give detail feature of this mods one by one. And we also give you some Mini Militia Cheat Codes to get rank high and become a pro game player.


Serval Mods of Mini Militia:

  1. Mini Militia Unlimited Health Mod
  2. Mini Militia Mega Mod
  3. Mini Militia Wall Hack Mod
  4. Mini Militia Pro Pack
  5. Mini Militia God Mod + Ultra Mod

Common Feature Of Mini Militia Mod Game Apk:

Before Downloading any Mod Application Mini Militia Game, Read the below listed Common Features Of Mini Militia Mod Apk.
  1. High Damage Bullets.
  2. Unlimited Ammo, Nitro, and gas.
  3. Transparent Bush.
  4. Pro Pack Unlock.
  5. Unlimited Flying Power.
  6. One shot Kill Feature.
  7. New Guns are Available.
  8. Invisible Features Available.
  9. also, has HD and Non-HD Version.
  10. Old Bug's are Fixed.
Note: Uninstall the previously install Mini Militia Game From Your Device. And You Doesn't need to Root your device.

Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk:


Mini Militia Mega Mod game apk has many amazing and cool features that are not available in official Mini Militia Game. This game mod has unlimited nitro, unlimited gas, and unlimited ammo and also has high damage bullets. So if you want to win the game with your friends then you can use this mod.

Mini Militia Unlimited Health Mod Apk:


This is one of the most popular Mod of Mini Militia Game. This Mod has Unlimited all things like unlimited ammo, unlimited nitro, unlimited gas and also has unlimited health. So if you download this mod, then you become a boss of all and get high rank easily. You can also change your avatar as per your choice. Yes, it possible you can use your own face as an avatar. At the end, we also give video tutorial for how to change avatar in Mini Militia game.

Mini Militia Wall Hack Game Apk:


First of all, we are going to tell you something about this mod, because this mod is newly introduced. So many people have no idea about this mod. Mini Militia Wall Hack Apk has an amazing new mod of the Mini Militia Game. If you will use this mod apk then you can shoot anyone. Yes, you can also shoot the player who saves themselves behind the wall.  So click on below button to start downloading of this amazing mod and enjoy.

Mini Militia Pro Pack Game Apk:

If you want to use the play store item in this game then you need to purchase the pro pack. But now here we are going to share the latest Mini Militia Pro Pack Apk free. So you doesn't need to pay for the Pro pack and you can download it free from this site. This Pro Pack has many interesting features like you can able to see the health bar of another player and it also has unlimited health, Unlimited nitro, Unlimited gas with one shot kill(high damage bullet gun) feature. So don't wait, go below and click on below download button and start the downloading of this amazing mod.

Installation Guide For Mini Militia Game Mod Apk: 

Installation Process is same as Official Mini Militia Game.
First Download your mod from above link.
Uninstall the previous install game.
Now, install your mod and enjoy.

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Mini Militia Cheat Codes:

Now in last, we are going to give you some helpful tips to easily get more points and rank in Mini Militia Game. Many people don't like to use this mod application and if you want to play Mini Militia game without mod application then you can follow the bellow given steps. Yes, you can also get high rank and points without using these mods. So if you want to play the game in the right manner then follow the bellow given tips that will help you to win the game easily.

Some Other Tips & Tricks To Get High Rank:

  1. Sitting Down when a bomb has been thrown at you, it will save your health.
  2. Avoid use of the piston.
  3. Always reload your gun early much as possible.
  4. when your health is low, committing suicide is good then give point to opposite player.
  5. Keep Blu-Bar high much as possible.
  6. When your gun has low ammo then replace your weapon much as possible.
  7. Use the poison grenade such that your opposite player can't go from there.
  8. Always try to get high powerful weapons like rifle, sniper, rocket launcher during the combat. 
  9. Use double gun much as possible to get a high rank.
  10. Use Bomb much as possible, it will help you to get a high rank.
  11. Find shield to protect your self.
  12. Use bomb with a strategy to get more points.

Mini Militia Cheat Codes:

  1. 7000 plus Battle Points:- "gummy bear" (Use without quotes)
  2. Captain of the doodle army 2 Mini Militia:- "duke"
  3. No Reload the Weapons:- "tootsie pop"
  4. Bring it up:-"BI"
  5. Ready Up:- "RU"
  6. Let's go boy's:- "LG"
  7. Come on Boys - "CB"
  8. Cover Player:- "CM"
  9. Moved Out:- "MO"
  10. Get Pro Unlimited Pack:- "FZ_sddSsGGRdf"

Video tutorial for how to change avatar in the Mini Militia:

How to play Mini Militia On PC:

I think you already know about Bluestack Emulator. This is an amazing tool that has been developed by an American company. BlueStack Emulator is a software for Windows and Mac os that can be used to run Android application on PC. So if you like to play this game on your PC then we will suggest you to use this tool. Using this tool you can run any android application on your PC. We also give you safe download link for bluestak emulator, so you can download it easily.

Give Your Suggestion:

Your suugetion is very important to us So, If you have any suggestion or query then ask us. We will improve it and give you answer to your query.

Final Words:

We give our best to you, if you have any type of question then comment below, we will try to give an answer to your problem. Thank You!

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Download GBWhatsapp Apk 5.50 For Android 2017 (Latest - No Ads)

Download GBWhatsapp 5.50 For Android Latest version 2017

GBWhatsapp Apk: Whatsapp is the one of the most popular chat application in today's time. Now in this article, we are going to share the GBWhatsapp Apk 5.50 Latest Version For Android devices. I think you already know about this Whatsapp mod apk. GBWhatsapp  Apk is a mod application of official Whatsapp Application which has many other interesting and extra added feature then it. Like, Hide Your Online Status, inbuilt lock feature, 100+ Language support and much more. This Whatsapp mod application is safe to use and it has many other amazing features which make it more popular. Read all the features of it below. For Download GBWhatsapp Apk Latest version we provide a safe link.

You can install this mod application in your android device as same as official Whatsapp application. For that, you don't need to uninstall the original application. Yes, you can install both the application at a time So you can use Double Whatsapp Account at a time. This is an amazing feature of it which make it popular in today's time. If you want to use double Whatsapp account then simply download this GB Whatsapp apk. I am sure that once you use this application you really love it. This mod application has many other features like you can send more than 10 images at a time and it has also inbuilt lock feature to provide a security to your data. You can also change the color application icon. This all features are available in GBWhatsapp Setting option. And also you can copy multiple messages without sender date and time.


GBWhatsapp APk Deep Intro...

Now we are going to tell you something about this mod application. GBWhatsapp apk is a mod application of original Whatsapp Application. This Application is mod or edit by us to provide you some cool extra feature to Whatsapp user. The mod application of Whatsapp like GBWhatsapp apk and Whatsapp plus apk is Baned some time ago, but now this application comes back with the anti-ban mod so you can not face any problem while using this mod application.This GBwhatsapp mod application is safe to download and use. You can use this mod application on your Android device safely and enjoy the cool extra feature of GBWhtsapp Apk without any issue.

Note: GBWhatsapp Apk is updated many times so you can get all updated version from this site.

What are the Banifates you get while you are using GBWhatapp apk 

There are many Banifates of using this mod application instead of Official Whatsapp Application. As you know Whatsapp is the most popular chatting Application in today's time. But this Whatsapp Application has limited features means it has no extra added features then GBWhatsapp Apk. So here We develop a Mod Application of Official Whatsapp Application, Which has many cool and amazing features which are not available in original Whatsapp Application. GBWhatsapp has Many interesting Features Like send up to 90 images at a time instead of 10 images. And it has also inbuilt lock facilities to provide better security to your personal data. 

How to Install GBWhatsapp Apk on Any Android Device

For installing this GBWhatsapp application on your Android device follow the bellows-given steps. Here We provide step by step guidance for installing Gb Whatsapp apk on any Android device. For that, you don't need to uninstall the original Whatsapp Application. Now follow the bellows-given steps to install this mod application on your Android device.

First, you need to Download GBWhatsapp apk from below given link and then follow the installation process.


  • Now For installing, you need to setup some things on your Android device. For that go to settings- security- Unknown Sources. Check out this option to start the installation process.(MUST)


  • After enabling the Unknown Source option to start the installation process.

  • After installing enter your mobile number and verify using OTP number.

Features Of GBWhatsapp Apk 5.50 (Latest Version)

Some of the best and amazing Features of GBWhatsapp apk is listed below. Like after installing this mod application you can use double Whatsapp, Hide Last Seen, Hide second Tick, Hide Blue Tick and you can install a Custom theme. You can also modify this application as per your choice. So this application has many extra amazing features than original Whatsapp Application.
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      1. It can be installed with Official Whatsapp Application so you can use Dual Whatsapp Account easily
      2. Hide Last Seen Status(Online Status)
      3. New Emojis are added
      4. More than 100+ Language Support
      5. You can set Group name up to 35 Character
      6. Video Calling Features is now enable
      7. Video sending bug is now fixed
      8. You can use 255 Character in your status instead of 139 Character
      9. Set your Online Status 24 Hour.(best new added Feature)
      10. You can change theme as per your choice by going to theme option
      11. No ban issues
      12. You can create your own theme and submit to GBWhatsapp
      13. Able to send 90 images at a time instead of 10
      14. You can also able to change Whatsapp icon and notification icon
      15. You can apply inbuilt lock for your security.
      16. You can copy your friends status directly to your clipboard
      17. You able to send Broadcast message up to 600 peoples at a time

          Check Out below given video For How To Install GBWhatsapp APk On Android Device.

          How to use this GBWhtsapp Apk on PC/Laptop

          Now I am going to tell you how to use this mod application on PC/Laptop. There are to ways to use Whatsapp on Pc. First one is Whatsapp Web and another is BlueStack Player.  Now first I am going to tell you about the first trick. Using this Trick you can directly use your Whatsapp Account on your PC. For that follow the below given step.
          • Now First open your Whatsapp on your Android device.
          • Now open the menu and select Whatsapp Web as shown in below picture.
          • Then open the on your PC.

          • Now scan QR Code on your PC and enjoy.
          Now I am going tell you about the second trick. As You know Bluestack Emulator is one of the best software which is also available for Windows and MAC Devices. If you want to use this mod application on your computer then download this Bluestack Emulator From Below given link, and simply install it on your PC and enjoy.

          What is BlueStack Emulator?

          Blustack App Player is developed by American-company that produce BlueStack Emulator player. BlueStack Emulator is a tool that enables you to run any Android application on your PC/laptop. This software is also available for MAC devices and Windows PC.

          Similar apps to GBWhatsapp Apk 

          If you want to use dual Whatsapp on your Android device then GBWhatsapp is the most popular and downloaded application. But there is some device where this mod application is not working properly. If you face this type of problem then don't worry. I have a solution to your problem. There are many other popular applications are available on the internet to use dual Whatsapp account on the Android device. Now I am going to share this similar application of GBWhatsapp Apk. You can use the below-listed application to use dual WhatsApp account on the Android device.

          1) Whatsapp Plus APk.
          2)Disa App.
          3)Parallel Space.

          This above-listed application is also popular and similar to GBWhatsapp Apk. You can use this application instead of GBWhtsapp Apk to use Dual Whatsapp Account in a single device. Parallel Space is an amazing android application which allows you to use a dual application at a time. Using this application you can use dual WhatsApp account, dual facebook account and use much more application parallelly.

          Whatsapp Plus is another popular application for using dual Whatsapp Account in a single device. This Mod Application is same as Official Whatsapp Application, But it has many other extra cool features then Official Whatsapp Application. This Whatsapp plus Application is similar to GBWhatsapp Application. You can also use Dias app in your android device to use dual Whatsapp on your Android device.

          Final Words:

          This Mod Application is free to use and you also able to modify this application as per your choice. I think you like this my tutorial about how to Install and Download GBWhtsapp Apk. And If you have any queries related to GBWhatsapp Apk then you can contact me or drop your comment below.
          And If you try to find GBWhatsapp Apk for iPhone device or GB WhatsApp for ios then it is not possible because it is not available for ios devices.